The Parish of Cranford St Dunstan with Holy Angels

 Life of Saint Dunstan


Feast Day  - 19 May

Nephew of Saint Athelm. Monk. Hermit. Bishop of Worcester, and briefly the 43rd Bishop of London in 959. Spiritual director of Saint Wulsin. Reformed church life in 10th century England. Advisor to King Edwy until he advised the king on his profligate sexual ways - which caused the bishop to be exiled. Expert goldsmith, metal-worker, and harpist. Prophet.

909 at Baltonsborough, Glastonbury, England

988 at Canterbury, England

armourers, blacksmiths, blind people, gold workers, goldsmiths, jewellers, lighthouse keepers, locksmiths, musicians, silver workers, silversmiths, swordsmiths.

gold cup; pincers; man holding a pair of smith's tongs; with a dove hovering near him; with a troop of angels before him