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Monuments & Brasses in St Dunstan's

The Aston Tomb
The Aston Tomb
This is Sir Roger Aston and his family. Sir Roger was Barber Surgeon to King James 1, but despite his two wifes and four daughters had no heir, so the estate was sold on his death and came into the possession of the Berkeleys.

Detail from the Aston Monument
Detail from the Aston Monument

Detail from the Aston Monument
Detail from the Aston Monument

Detail of the Inscription on Aston Monument Tomb
Detail of the Inscription on Aston Monument Tomb

Transcript of Inscription on the Aston Tomb

The eldest of them being Margaret, was in his lifetime married to Sr Gilbert Houghton sonne & heire aparant to Sr Richard Houghton in the Covntie of Lancaster Baronet Knight the Second being Mary was also married in his lifetime to Sr Samuell Payton in the County of Kent Baronet Knight, the third being Alazabeth, since ye death of hvr Father is married to Sr Robert Wnigfield (Wingfield) in ye county of Northton Knight, the Youngest & 4th being Anne Aston, is yet unmarried after ye death of Dame Mary Stuart, mother to theise his daughters, he married Cardella Stanhope his second wife one of ye daughters of Sr John Stanhope in ye county of Darby Knight, & had issue by hir on sonne onely who died an infant.

Lady Elizabeth Berkeley Tomb
Lady Elizabeth Berkeley Tomb

Detail from Lady Elizabeth Berkeley
Detail from Lady Elizabeth Berkeley

Transcript of Inscription on the Lady Elizabeth Berkeley Tomb

Here lieth the body of the most virtvous and prvdent lady Elizabeth Lady Berkeley widdowe, davghter and sole heire of George Carey Lord Hvnsdon, sonne and heire of Henry Carey Lord Hvnsdon sonne & heire of William Carey, and of the Lady Mary his wife, second daughter & coheire of Thomas Bvllen Earle of Ormond and Wilshire, father also of Qveene Anne Bvllen wife to Kinge Henry the Eighth, mother of Queene Elizabeth late Qveene of England: which Lady Berkeley after her piovs pilgrimage of 59 yeares, surrendred her sovle into the hands of her redeemer, the 23th day of Aprill Anno Domini 1633.

George Berkeley
George Berkeley

Transcript of Inscription

Here lyeth the body of George Earl of Berkeley. Viscount Dursley. Baron of Berkeley, Moubray, Seagrave & Bruce.
Who had the Honour to be a Privy Consellor to King Charles the second, & to King James.
Eminent for his affability, charity & generosity.
He married Elizabeth one of the co-heiresses of John Massingberd Esq. of the family of the Massingberds in Lincolnshire.
He departed this life the 14th Octo. 1698 Aeta: 71.
In hopes of a Blessed Resurrection;
For the Mercifull shall obtain Mercy.

Thomas Fuller
Thomas Fuller
This monument, to the right of the Altar, is the tomb of Lady Elizabeth Berkeley, who was instumental in the rebuilding of the nave following a fire in the mid-1700s. The tomb was constructed in Italy and shipped in sections to be put together here. The representation of Lady Elizabeth was carved by an English sculptor, resident in Rome, who was a friend of Bellini.

Berkeley Monument
Berkeley Monument

Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose

Transcript of Inscription

Sacred to the Memory of Charlotte, the beloved wife of William Anderson Rose, Alderman of the City of London, and of 'Bifrons' in this Parish who departed this life October 18th 1855, aged 40.
"She stretched out her hand to the poor; yea, she reached forth her hands to the needy".
The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord".

Carolus Scarburgh
Carolus Scarburgh

Transcript of Inscription

Hic lacet
Carolus Scarbvrgh
Eques Auratus
Medicinae Doctor
Serenissimo Regi Carolo
Nec non
Iacobo Secundo
Ac etiam
Reginae Maria
Daniae Principibusa &
Inter Mathematicos EVCLIDES
Suauissimis Moribus Indutus
Omnibus Affabilis
Cunctis Vitae Officijs Aequabilis
Ciuis, Maritus, Pater, Amicus

To whose Pious Memory This Marble Monumentis Sett up & Dedicated by  the Lady Scarburgh to Sr Charles Scarburgh who by no Violent Distemper but by a Gentle and Easy Decay Departed this Life in the Seventy Ninth Year of his Age Feb 26 1693

Transcript of Inscription - upper left memorial above

Sacred to the memory of the Honourable Thomas Moreton Fitzhardinge Berkeley the 5th son of Frederick Augustus, 5th Earl of Berkeley, Born the 19th of October, 1796; Died the 27th of August 1882.

Transcript of Inscription - upper right memorial above

To the memory of the Honourable Craven Fitzhardinge Berkeley, (seventh, and youngest son of Frederick Augustus, Fifth Earl of Berkeley) who died at Carlsbad June 27, 1855, aged 50; and is interred in the Protestant Burial Ground of Frankfort sur Maine.
He represented the Borough of Cheltenham, from the passing of the Reform Bill, with the exception of one election, until the period of his death.

Transcript of Inscription - lower memorial above

Sacred to the memory of Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkeley, Lord Fitzhardinge, Grand Cross of the Bath, one of Her Majesty's Privy Council, and an Admiral.
Born 3rd January 1788. Died at Berkeley Castle 17th October 1867.
He entered the Navy in 1802, and distinguished himself in the West Indies in the Penninsular War, and as commanding the Thunderer, at the taking of Acre and Sidon.
For 18 years he served as one of the Lords of the Admiralty, and rendered important services as First Lord during the Russian War.
For many years he sat in Parliament for the City of Gloucester, and was called to the peerage in 1861, as Baron Fitzhardinge, of the City and County of Bristol
In the decline of life he promoted and liberally contributed to the restoration of the church of Berkeley, to the honour and glory of God.
He married first, Charlotte, daughter of Charles, 4th Duke of Richmond, and secondly, Charlotte, daughter of Thomas 1st Earl of Ducie, who dedicates this tablet to his memory as a tribute of affection.
"I sought the Lord and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears"
"Absent from the body, present with the Lord"

George Lord Berkeley
George Lord Berkeley

Transcript of Inscription

Here lyeth ye dody of George Ld Berkeley, Baron of Berkeley, Mowbray, Seagrave & Brvce, & Kt of ye Bath, who dep'ced this ye 10th day of Aug. A.D. 1658.
He married Elizabeth second daughter & coheir of Sr Michael Stanhope of Sudborne in ye County of Suffolke Kt, by whom he had issue, Charles, Elizabth & George.
Charles drowned in his passage to France January 27, 1641
Elizabeth, married to Edward Coke Esq, Grandchild & Heire to Sr Edward Coke Kt, sometimes Ld chiefe Justice of both Benches. She dyed Novem: 9. A.D. 1661. & lyeth buried at Heigham in Norfolke.
And George Lord Berkeley now living.
This deceased Ld besides ye nobility of his birth & ye experience he acquired by forraigne trauailes, was very eminent for ye greats candor & ingenuity of his disposition, his singular Bounty & affability towards his Inferiors, and his readines (had it bin in his power) to have obliged all mankind.

Edward Pilcher Lewis (Recto)r
Edward Pilcher Lewis (Recto)r

Transcript of Inscription

Pray for the Soul of
Edward Pilcher Lewis DD.
Rector here 1925 - 1935
& a kindly man among us
Laus Deo

Gregory Family
Gregory Family

Transcript of Inscription

Beneath lieth intomb'd the remains of Mrs Mary Gregory late wife of Mr John Gregory the younger of Piccadilly London, she died Septemr xix, MDCCLXXIII, aged XXI years, also caroline second daughter of the said John Gregory, who died Febr II, MDCCLXXX. aged III, years and two months.
Also John the father of said John he died Febr xxvii, MDCCXCIII, aged LXXIII years.
Also Abigail, mother of the said John she died October xxiv, MDCCXCII, aged LXX years.
Also William brother of the said John he died Novr xv, MDCCXCI aged XXXV years.
Also Mary Abigail, sister of the said John she died Janr xxviii, MDCCXC, aged XXV years.
Also six other children of the said John viz: Charlotte, Louisa, Georgina, Michael, Emma, and George, who died in their infancy.
Also to perpetuate the memory of Charles John, only son of the above John.a Midshipman in His Majesty's Navy, who after four days illness fell a victim to the Yellow Fever, at Cape Nichols Mole in the west Indies. He died the 20 June 1706 aged 17 years.

Mauruce Child
Mauruce Child

Transcript of Inscription

Of your Charity
pray for the soul of
Maurice Child
Rector 1935 - 50
Remembering with
thankfulness his
zeal and generosity
in restoring and
beautifying this

Transcript of Inscription

Near this place lieth interred the remains of Mr William Hird late of King Street Covent Garden London.
He died the iv Aug. MDCCLX aged LIII years.
Also Mrs Mary Hird relict of the above Wm Hird she died xxiii June MDCCLXXX, aged LXV years.
Her god-daughter Wilhelmina West in token of gratitude, and to perpetuate their memory caused this tablet to be erected.

Brass to Alice Mary Such
Brass to Alice Mary Such

In Loving
Memory of
Alice Mary
Widow of
William Henry Such
only Daughter
of George and
Mary helen
Dorothy Dismore
1856 - 1929

Blessed are the pure in
heart for they shall see God

Facsimile of palimpsest brass to Nicholas Bownell
Facsimile of palimpsest brass to Nicholas Bownell

This facsimile of the inscription of the monumental brass commemorating Nicholas Bownell, 1581 and of the reverse engraving was provided by H Martin Stuchfield of Stratford St. Mary, Suffolk June 1987

Top inscription
Here under lyeth the bodie of Nicholas Bownell late the sonne of Thomas Bownell and brother to ........ Bownell parson of this church who decessed the .... daye of September 1581

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