The Parish of Cranford St Dunstan with Holy Angels

 Parish Mission Action Plan


Mission Action Plan 2010 – 2015

This plan has been produced to follow on from the Mission Action Plan 2008 – 2010, following a parish review meeting held 13th March 2010.



To continue to develop and encourage worship within the Catholic tradition.



To improve financial reporting & planning.


  • To appoint a new treasurer, resource and train her/him accordingly.


  • To produce an annual budget by the End of 2010, this can then be subjected to quarterly review by the PCC.


  • To work towards 80% net costs to the Common Fund, and to budget accordingly.


  • To work towards a stewardship campaign in conjunction with the Area Finance Adviser. To continue encouraging all tax payers to use Gift Aid, and all members of our congregation to use the Envelope Scheme.


To seek to work ecumenically with the neighbouring Roman Catholic Church, local churches and other faiths, where this is possible.



To hold regular social events and make appropriate pilgrimages.



To review our use of the church buildings.


·        Review use of existing buildings.


·        Commence work on the new Vestry/Visitors Centre for St Dunstan’s.




On Behalf of the Cranford PCC 2010.