The Parish of Cranford St Dunstan with Holy Angels

 Baptisms & Confessions


To arrange a baptism, please contact Fr Michael after Sunday Mass.

The Font at Holy Angels
The Font at Holy Angels

The Font at St Dunstan's
The Font at St Dunstan's

"Our Lord Jesus Christ has told us that to enter the Kingdom of heaven
we must be born again of water and the Spirit,
and has given us baptism as the sign and seal of this new birth.
Here we are washed by the Holy Spirit and made clean.
Here we are clothed with Christ, dying to sin that we may live his risen life.
As children of God, we have a new dignity and God calls us fullness of life."
(Introduction to the Rite of Holy Baptism, Common Worship)

You have been enlightened by Christ. Walk always as children of the light and keep the flame of faith alive in your hearts. When the Lord comes, may you go out to meet him with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom. Amen.

The Confessional, Holy Angels
The Confessional, Holy Angels

Fr Michael is available to hear confessions before or after all Masses during the week or by appointment.
"When we come to Confession God is there, ready to receive us, longing to forgive us, wanting to heal us, dust us down and set us on the way.
For the Christian life is a journey, sometimes joyful, often tiring. Christ is always there on the road, but we need him especially when we grow tired, when we fall and hurt ourselves, when we need to be reassured the Love is waiting for us with all his wonderful gifts."
Fr Nicolas Stebbing CR